Complete, accurate and timely medical record documentation is critical to safe patient care. To that end, Tribal EM uses highly trained scribes to facilitate medical documentation. Start your journey today!

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Brian Gallagher, PA-C
Chief Clinical Officer



Timian Godfrey, NP
Scribe Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medical scribe?

A medical scribe is a uniquely trained individual who specializes in charting physician-patient encounters in real time directly into the EMR during the physician’s medical exam.

How do I become a scribe?

Fill out the form up above and one of our experienced associates will reach out to you right away. If you do not wish to fill out the form, feel free to call or email us.

How will I help make a difference?

A scribe allows physicians to reduce their time on EMR documentation, focus on delivering the highest quality of care, work at the top of their license (vs. doing data entry) and achieve optimal work/life balance.

Will I be provided training?

Yes! Tribal EM utilizes training curriculum which covers: Medical terminology, HIPAA confidentiality, OSHA compliance training, anatomy and anatomical directions, medical chart structure, EHR functionality, RPMS systems and much more.

What locations will I be working at?

We work exclusively with Tribal and Indian Health Service Emergency Departments and clinics across the United States.

Do I need prior experience?

No you do not need prior experience. Tribal EM has a three phase training program that will take you from beginner to expert and provide you the support to excel in the field.